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The Naked Opus: Growing Your Family Wealth for the Long Term

Keynote Overview: Family Council and Family Meeting Events & Retreats

Time: 1 hour including questions

Title: Our Abundant Estate: Growing Our Family Wealth for The Long Term

“A thought-provoking, original classic that will surely change lives and the very meaning of wealth itself.” —Tom Deans, Ph.D., Author of Every Family’s Business and Willing Wisdom

You spent a lifetime accumulating assets and building wealth, not only to make a good life for yourself, but also to create a legacy for the ones you love most - family and community. Yet, you have fears and concerns as you enter into this phase of the planning cycle of your life:

• Will my financial wealth be a source of joy and abundance for my heirs or will it be a curse?

• How do I ensure our family’s values and long term goals are preserved?

• What if the wealth is destroyed in the next generations?

• Will there be enough family wealth to protect my loved one’s from the challenges of life?

• Will my loved ones be responsible and legacy-minded stewards of our family’s shared wealth?

• What are the true sources of our family’s wealth?

• For what purposes did I accumulate this wealth?

• How do I get this wealth to the one’s I love most?

• Will my heirs be prepared for the wealth?


• How can I share my goals and aspirations without seeming controlling? The traditional approach to succession planning is transactional—a one-time event to document how financial assets should be distributed to beneficiaries after death. And the focus is usually on the technical aspects, such as tax planning or trusts.

To clients and advisors alike, the process can feel less than satisfactory, to some even hollow and frustrating. The Naked Opus reveals a novel approach to estate planning—a more fulfilling, holistic and purposeful way to pass family wealth on to heirs, and to ensure it endures for generations to come:

• Transforms estate planning from a technical moment designed simply to transition assets, into a creative process that fosters stewardship and continues to generate wealth for future generations.

• Outlines a four-step SMRT planning process—a strategic, multidisciplinary approach that’s focused on the family’s core values and goals—to reveal what is most important, and uniquely the clients to pass on and protect.

• Explains that family wealth goes far beyond financial assets and shows how to create an Abundant Estate to avoid the entropy that erodes wealth over the long term.

• Offers a framework to handle complex family dynamics and challenging interpersonal situations.

• Presents a new model for sustainable succession planning in an entertaining way; learn about the Abundant Estate while reading the engaging story of Rick Gilmour and his clients and colleagues.

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With The Naked Opus as your guide, families and their trusted advisors can peel back the layers of any family situation, discover the purpose behind their planning, safeguard the fruits of their life’s work, and help them write their own powerful, authentic family story—a legacy that will last for generations to come. Outcomes: At this session you will learn:

• The five reasons family wealth does not survive the long term;

• The true sources of family wealth and how to grow and sustain it for the long term;

• The five step Abundant Estate Model of strategic intergenerational wealth planning;

• How to transform will planning from mundane information collection to a powerful engagement model to build your relationship and opportunities with every generation of your client’s family;

• How to become a trusted advisor at the core of a multidisciplinary, collaborative professional team;

• How to add real, sustaining value and service differentiation in a competitive financial services and wealth planning landscape; Ideal for:

- Family meetings;

- Family Business owners looking to develop three circle cohesion in their planning;

- Family meetings where intergenerational wealth transition is the topic;

- Family Council meetings/breakout sessions;

- Family Retreat organizers seeking a skill-building/learning session(s);

- Family Office event organizers looking to build skills and conversations between generations;


For more information: Visit or email to book speaking events and obtain event pricing. Individual copies of the Naked Opus will be available in Chapters and other fine bookstores, and online at, in August 2018.