Family Enterprise and Family Wealth Facilitation

Creating Your Own Abundant Estate.

Intergenerational wealth planning often causes disharmony, conflict and, over time, the destruction of the family’s wealth. This is the “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves” in three generations experience of most family wealth.

You have worked incredibly hard to build your family business but will it succeed to next generations? You are fearful that the capital you have accumulated in your lifetime will be squandered before your grandchildren can experience the opportunities it could generate. How can you avoid the destruction of your family’s wealth between the generations? How can we communicate better? What are the sources of our family’s “real” wealth?

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Please contact for more information about availability and rates.

Family leaders and trusted family advisors, including the following, arrange for most of the facilitation events:

  • Investment Advisors;
  • Philanthropy and Community Foundation Advisors;
  • Estate planning consultants;
  • Private bankers;
  • Life insurance advisors;
  • Estate planning lawyers;
  • Private client tax advisors;
  • Family Enterprise Advisors;
  • Private equity firms;
  • Certified Business Valuation Professionals;
  • Human Resource Consultants;
  • Coaches;
  • Peer Advisory Groups;
  • Family Office Representatives