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Connect With Your Clients Most Important Goals

Learn how to authentically connect with planning that every client needs to consider as they manage their financial and family wealth - intergenerational wealth transition planning. 

Chris has created an easy model that can be adapted and modified to allow immediate points of access to your client’s most important resources - their family. The Naked Opus will help you:

develop an abundance mindset in your client interactions;

demonstrate your commitment to excellence in planning for your clients by taking a patient, expansive and long-term view of their family wealth;

attract clients with significant and complex planning needs;

build a more cohesive multidisciplinary team of allied professionals;

develop deeper, more meaningful and longer lasting relationships with your clients and their heirs, philanthropy and other loved ones;

Understand how to fit the estate planning conversation into a holistic model of wealth management.

Increase Client Engagement with Your Business Model

Business and family wealth succession is a long-term process. Clients need someone to help them through the myriad decisions they must make. The Naked Opus can help you build skills and authentic, process-oriented and ongoing points of engagement with your clients to show continuing and increasing professional value. Truly become the Most Trusted Advisor by being able to:

Demonstrate significant differentiation from other advisors with your client service model;

Help your clients, and yourself, be a smart collaborator within an equally skilled multidisciplinary teams;

Increase communication skills across generations and help families establish strategic goals for their wealth planning;

Assess tactical opportunities and structures against guiding family goals to help avoid conflict and, potentially, conflict amongst the parties in the family;

Make yourself referable to a broader client-base that is better aligned with your own values and business model.

Ideal for:

  • Financial advisors;
  • Investment advisors;
  • Investment Counsellors;
  • Accountants;
  • Private bankers;
  • Insurance professionals;
  • Certified financial planners;
  • Private and community foundations;
  • Single and multi-family office advisors;
  • Estate Planning Lawyers;
  • Family Business Advisors;
  • Family Enterprise Advisors;
  • Business Succession Professionals;
  • Coaches and advisors to business families and families of wealth;
  • And any other advisor looking to deepen the enjoyment of their work with their clients and enhance the authenticity and durability of their client’s intergenerational wealth planning for their family and loved ones
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