Client Appreciation Events

Your clients have worked hard to create financial wealth and build a family legacy of values, entrepreneurship and social capital. Yet, they worry the bounty they have created be destroyed between generations and, even worse, will damage their loved ones ability to enjoy successful and abundant lives.

Presentation Title: The Abundant Estate: Growing Your Family Wealth for the Long Term

In this speech, Chris will challenge and engage your clients and attendees by confronting the reasons they fear an unsuccessful intergenerational wealth transition and give them a model to find a better way. Clients and attendees will learn:


• That 50% of North American adults don’t have a Will plan in place;

• That our current, tactically-driven methods of estate planning guarantee that family wealth will be destroyed in three generations;

• The causes of intergenerational family wealth destruction;

• That there are ways to minimize the risk of your family experiencing the “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves” paradigm with their family wealth;

• To identify the true sources of their family’s wealth;

• The Abundant Estate strategic model for growing your family’s long term wealth; Speech Themes: family wealth planning, estate planning, wealth continuity, purposeful planning, strategy, abundance, managing change, decision making

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