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“Chris Delaney has done something very special in The Naked Opus. He has taken the often technical and transactional focused topic of estate planning and taken the reader (whether Advisor or UHNW individual) on a curious journey to understand family wealth as a continuum, rather than a one-time event.

The book is approachable, easily digestable and is what I call a “perennial works” that’s impact will be felt not only to achieve wealth preservation for our clients but also the possibility of abundant and exponential growth of family assets over many generations.

The Naked Opus has molded my approach in how I work with UHNW clients to provide more value through accountability, active listening and also giving them a framework to understand where myself and other advisors are coming from in our holistic strategy that we base off of each individual family’s objectives.

My clients know that wealth is comprised of much more than financial capital and the book elegantly highlights the progressive but natural approach of looking at the family’s assets through a multi-disciplinary lense including social, intellectual and human capital.

A lot of UHNW clients are entrepreneurs and business people who understand the power of mission statements and a value based approach in leading their enterprises. Applying these business-like systems to their family creates open communication through tools such as family meetings, leading to more harmony, clarity and cohesiveness in an often challenging sphere.

Thank you for this amazing resource.”

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