Chris Delaney is the author of the recently published The Naked Opus: Growing Your Family Wealth For The Long Term.


“How do I get this wealth to my family?”

was the most compelling question Chris had experienced in his twenty-five plus years of wealth transition planning as an estate planning lawyer and business succession consultant. He immediately realized the client was genuinely fearful that the financial wealth they had created over their lifetime would do more damage than good to the well being of their family. They had doubts about the readiness of their heirs to accept the inheritance. Would this plan put the long-term sustainability of the family wealth at risk? They were deeply fearful that the opportunities of their financial wealth would be quickly wasted in the next generations of their family. Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations would be their legacy. Disaster!

Chris’ challenge was to find answers to these questions:

Why and where was the existing estate planning model failing these clients?

What was missing from the process that created such fear and uncertainty in people planning their estates?

Why do so few adults even have wills?

Was there something more that advisors and families could do together to bring genuine peace of mind to the process?

The answer, found in the pages of The Naked Opus: Growing Your Family Wealth For The Long Term, is the Abundant Estate. The Abundant Estate is a model for strategic intergenerational wealth planning that addresses these fears.     

Families that want to develop the intellectual, social and human capital of their family members will want to read this book and create their own Abundant Estate.

The Abundant Estate approach will help families and their trusted advisors create processes and skills together that will build a collaborative and deep relationship of trust and engagement as financial wealth transitions from one generation to the next.

Families that are concerned their financial wealth will harm the character and motivation of their family members will want to read this book and create their own Abundant Estate.

Families that want their collective family wealth to ensure and serve future generations in a positive and purposeful manner will want to read this book and create their own Abundant Estate.

Advisors wanting to build more holistic and sustaining relationships with their clients and the next generation of their client’s family will want to engage the Abundant Estate approach to intergenerational wealth planning.  

Tom Deans, Ph.D.,

Author of Every Family’s Business and Willing Wisdom

“ Chris Delaney’s Naked Opus reveals the true nature of wealth by stripping away the idea that we are alone in our journey. He reminds us that the true measure of wealth is found in living a purposeful, collaborative and connected life—to family, friends and to our own humanity. A thought-provoking, original classic that will surely change lives and the very meaning of wealth itself.”

Carol Fickling,

Portfolio Manager, Wealth Advisor & Financial Planner at RBC Dominion Securities

“ The Naked Opus is game changing. It adds a new dimension to the wealth management story by demonstrating to advisors how to authentically listen to their clients’ goals to provide solutions that are deeply resonant. A must-read for all investment professionals and their clients.”

Carol Foley,

Lawyer and Chartered Professional Accountant

“ I just loved it! The Naked Opus is well conceived and is a practical story to which both clients and their advisors will relate. It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.”

Rebecca Griffith,

MBA, FICB, Small Business Consultant, BexBiz, and Mortgage Agent/Advisor, Streetwise Mortgages

“ The Naked Opus reveals the evolution of estate planning and is timed perfectly as there is so much intergenerational wealth about to transfer. It asks advisors and families to dig deeper and really articulate what wealth means to them and what they are hoping it will mean to their future generations.”

John Neretlis,

MBA, CHRP, FEA, Next Gen Anesti

“ I can see The Naked Opus being mandatory reading for families starting the discussion of family wealth transfer, or for advisors, such as lawyers and accountants, trying to get into the field of intergenerational wealth advisory services.”

Nathalie Boutet,

Family Law Lawyer, Mediator, and Certified Family Enterprise Advisor

“ Clients are sophisticated. They deserve advisors who are at the top of their game and who embrace modernization. The time has come for advisors to work in collaboration with with one another, ego aside, in order to discover the true values and goals of our clients. Chris cleverly illustrates essential, progressive ways of being of service to families through his storytelling, in a book that takes us through a journey of growth and inspiration.”